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Paul's Tank!   Latest Photo Added - 7/15/2003
Lake Forest, CA
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Photo Title:
Paul's Reef
Here is an updated photo of Paul's reef. It is really coming along nicely, and his corals are growing and spreading well.
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Chris's Tank!    Latest Photo Added - 3/31/2003
Costa Mesa, CA
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Photo Title:
Sharkdude's Reef
Well after a couple months without taking photos of Sharkdude's Reef, there are some new corals and lots of new growth to see in this latest set of photos from Sharkdude's 200+ Gallon Reef System.

One of the first things I noticed when seeing Sharkdude's reef this time, is the addition of more SPS corals. He has added some plating Montipora, and Capercornis as well as some other Montiporas.
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Anthony's Tank!    Latest Photo Added - 11/2/2002
Irvine CA
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Photo Title:
Anthony's Reef
Here is an updated view of Anthony's Reef. He has downgraded his tank size to 40 gallons now with a 10gallon sump. His new configuration looks awesome, so check out the photos.
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