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Photo Added - 1/17/2003   
Tank Owner: Paul
Nickname: Calagero
Lake Forest, CA
Contact Paul : Send Email

Photo Title:
Blue Mushrooms
Photo Description:
An updated shot of Pauls Blue Mushrooms which have really begun to spread around the tank.
Camera Details: Sony Mavica MVC CD-300
Tank Specs as of 1/17/2003: 60 Gallon Acrylic Sea Clear, Homemade Sump w/sump bag, Quiet One main tank pump, Venturi Style Skimmer, 300watt heater, 1 Aqua Clear Powerhead, Oak Stand, and Custom Pine Canopy

Lighting: 2x96 watt 6700k Power Compacts, 40watt NO Super Actinic

Rock, Sand: 50Lbs Fiji Live Rock, 100lbs Carribean Aragonite

Clean Up Crew: 12 Blue Legged Hermit Crabs, 2 Scarlet Hermit Crabs, 6 Astrea Snails, 3 Turbo Snails, 1 Cleaner Shrimp

Corals: Candy Coral, Blastomussa wellsi, Toadstool Leather, Tree Leather, Colt Coral, Yellow Polyps, 3 colonies various colored zoanthid, Red Sea Xenia, Xenia Elongata, Large Fuzzy Mushrooms, Green Mushrooms (3 types"mushroom anemone" corallimorpharian), Red w/Blue Speckled Mushroom, Blue Mushrooms (couple types)

Fish: 1 True Percula Clownfish, 3 Blue Green Chromis