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marshal sacramento (CA)
I have really liked seening your tank grow in an awsome nano.

Keep up the good work

curtis rhododendron oregon
your in my favorites

seamus sacramento, ca
Any new photo after 2004, bythe way coll site

Travis Rathbun Charlotte North Carolin
you cant say enough about this tank

Cristina Mundare, Alberta, Canada
I'm sorry,I forgot to mention in my first message about my experience when I was setting up my reef tank. I was so excited that I HANDPICKED my UNCURED live rocks from the Dealer's holding tank and got STUNG in the process by a WHITE BRISTLEWORM (not a very smart move,this is LESSON 101 for me). I suffered for almost two(2) months and tried the remedies that I know of but nothing helped. Finally, out of desperation I went to our family doctor (and probably became the first recorded Bristleworm victim in Alberta, Canada's medical history) and the remedy could be found in the kitchen cabinet. The doctor told me to soak my hand in the warmest water I could tolerate with dissolved epson salt, (the ratio of salt to water I can't remember)but after 3 days the pain disappeared. The doctor explained that the bristles were stuck under my skin and it caused the pain. The warm water epsom soak released the bristles and I finally healed. A WAIVER: this is my experience,please don't hold me responsible if you try the remedy. It may not work for you, please see your doctor instead. I repeat,please, I'm not encouraging anybody to self-medicate. Please try your best to educate yourself before handling any marine life for your first tank to avoid major mishaps.Thank you and happy reefing!

Cristina Mundare, Alberta, Canada
Hi Liza and Gil,
Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in creating such an informative website.I started seeing nano reefs in our LFSs last year and I think it's getting popular because of its affordability and manageability. I'm new to the marine hobby; my tank is 29 g.; 16 months old;Berlin style set-up with just a few beginner's specimens and I could see that my reef is stable because the white and pink mini corals that just grew spontaneosly seemed to be growing beautifully in the live rocks; I just added entacmaea quad. last week and the 2 percs from last year have taken it as home after more than an hour.I spent so many hours researching about the Entacmaea Q., HOPEFULLY, I don't fail with my kind of husbandry.
Last year, I went to my tropical home and walked among the beautiful corals at low tide, I hope to protect these reefs by educating my people; there's a new pier that was built and a coconut oil processing plant in another reef area but in the same coastline but nobody is doing anything about it because of economic reasons.
Again,thank you so much for your helpful and beautiful website.

Chip Laudone Mcdonald. Tenn
Gil and Lisa--sorry I was in error, There have been no updates on the BTA since 2004-- Did you keep the BTA or did it split?

Chip Laudone McDonald, Tennessee
Gil & Lisa, Curious to know what happened after the aquisition of you BTA --seems there are no updates since 2002

Dave Schwartz Feeding Hills, MA
I just wanted to thank you for all your information on the Nano Cubes. I have one and am having problems with the phosphate in the water and purchased PHOS Guard and it does not seem to work, Can you help me with this? (PS- it is a 12 gallon Saltwater (Fish only) tank.

Mark & Sheena San Antonio Tx
We are fascinated with everything you have shown us. It's really beautiful, whatever you're doin...don't stop. Again your tank is awesome.

ant easton ct.
hi again,hapy new year,

Jaime Landeric Vancouver
Ok, you have convinced me to try a nano reef.