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   New Photo Gallery!
Time flies whether you are having fun or not! Actually I have been having some fun with the band lately which is a good thing. We    More >>
   Visitors From Afar - Tank Changes - Other Photos!
Let me start by saying hello to our visitors from far off lands. As some of you may know already, our tank is setup in Southern    More >>
   A couple of Photos.....
Another month has gone by, and it is hard to believe that we are already this far into 2004! Time flies when you're having fun    More >>
   Happy New Year! - New Photos - New Wallpaper
Happy New Year to all you nano reefers out there! It is really hard for me to believe that it is really 2004 already. I guess    More >>
   New Desktop Wallpapers!
I took some time out this Sunday to put together three new Desktop Wallpaper images for you to download and put on your desktop!    More >>
   Tank of the Month - Nano-Reef.com!!!
Woohooo! Our tank was chosen to be Tank of the Month over at my favorite website Nano-Reef.com. This site is the only site on the    More >>
   New Desktop Wallpapers!
New desktop wallpapers have been added, so have a look on the main page where you may download them for free as always. I    More >>
   Back from vacation!
Well it's true.... Liza and I took a trip out into the Eastern Sierra once again to relax and take it easy. RIGHT! We were up    More >>
   New Desktop Wallpapers
Just wanted to note that I have added three new reef desktop images after several requests to change the previous set. This set    More >>
   Some new photos!
Well it has been a crazy month. Half of this month I was sick with a flu like viral infection of some sort, so between that the    More >>
   Some photos from last weekend...
Here are some of the photos taken last weekend of Cam Barr's 40 gallon reef and Project Reef's 90 gallon reef. Both of these    More >>
   Lots Of New Photos! - Water Change
I finally took some time last evening after our water change, to take some photos of our Nano Reef! I went ahead and posted 13    More >>
   Forums are back online!
Well after a very trying day of geeking out, the 7 Gallon Forums are back online! Please login using your regular    More >>
   No More Gobies - Anenome Update - New Clown
Well I am sorry to say that the last of our 2 Green Banded Gobies has dissapeared. The first one to go was actually a couple    More >>
   ONE YEAR OLD! - That Darn Anenome!
Just wanted to note the fact that our little reef is officially one year old! What a great introduction to saltwater reefkeeping    More >>
   New Bubble Tip Anenome!
Well in last weeks news entry, I mentioned that we had gotten another Anenome for our little Minibow. I had been gawking at a    More >>
   Happy Memorial Day! - New Photos - New Anenome!
As the title says, Happy Memorial Day folks. We will be celebrating the holiday which is also the first official weekend of    More >>
   New Nano Photos - Friends Tanks - Minibow.com!
Well it has been a while since I added news, but here I am again with a new News update and new photos to share with you! As far    More >>
   Happy Easter! - A Couple Photos - Water Changes
Happy Easter Nano Reefers! Hope you find all of the eggs hidden around the yard this year. I decided today would be as good as    More >>
   Lots Of New Photos! - Water Change
Been a while since I added Nano News to the site again, but we have been busy with the basic Nano maintenance regardless. In the    More >>
   Wow! What A Difference!
It has been quite some time since I added news to the site! Since adding the Minibow Forum, I have kept much of my posting on the    More >>
   Late Water Change Note (ENL)
Well this week brings me into a whole new zone of lazyness when it comes to water changes. The water change was actually    More >>
   New Photos - New Forums - Water Change
Well I broke down and scraped the glass on Sunday during our weekly maintenance water change making our Minibow look much nicer.    More >>
   Water Change - New Green Banded Goby
Our local fish store's latest shipment included some Green Banded Gobies. I found this out from Cameron who works at the store    More >>
   New Zoos, Anenome, Candy - Photos, Water Change
First off let me say Happy New Year to all you faithful readers, as well as you new ones! What a crazy year for frags this has    More >>
   New Frags! - New Photos! - Water Change
I was lucky enough to meet up with a local reefer name Ed aka Fridmani this past weekend. While there he showed Paul (Friends    More >>
   Merry Christmas - Water Change
Merry Christmas from Liza and myself. May all of your reefs overflow with good tiding this year! It is hard to believe how fast    More >>
   Water Change - New Desktop Wallpapers!
Well I just wanted to make a note that yesterday we performed a one gallon water change on our Nano Reef. As always, I vacuumed    More >>
   New Zoonthids! - Water Change
A few days ago, Paul and I went over to visit Anthony and see some Zooanthid frags that he had available in his tank. He ended up    More >>
   New Frags! Blastomussa & Montipora
I was lucky enough this week to see an ad on the Reef Central Coral Selling forum from Project Reef aka Ali who is a local reefer    More >>
   Wow 6 Months Old!! - New Zoos - Water Change
Here, take this cigar.....Well it is really hard to believe, and time most surely indeed must fly when you're having fun because    More >>
   Nano Photos - Water Change- Capnella Sewing
Last evening, I took an opportunity to post 18 new updated photos of our Nano Reef. There are some nice closeups since the glass    More >>
   New Friends Photos
Well I was over at Paul's today with my camera, so I added some updated photos of his 60gallon reef system. His reef is really    More >>
   Water Change - New Nano Photos
As the headline reads, we performed our regular weekly maintenance 1 gallon water change a couple of days late. Needless to say,    More >>
   New Zooanthid Photos - Water Change
Well this past weekend, Paul (from Friends Tanks section)and I went to get some Zooanthid frags from Anthony (also from Friends    More >>
   New Email List
Hey! In case you didn't notice, I put together an email based list that I can send email to whenever there is new news or photos    More >>
   Water Change - New Friends Photos!
Well, other than the usual maintenance water change message, you may have noticed, I put together a visual timeline showing the    More >>
   New Photos - Water Change
Well I have been bad for the last couple of water changes and have not posted them here as I should. Well not to worry, water    More >>
   Updated Nano Photos!
Well this morning, I took the time to shoot some updated photos of our Nano Reef. Paul took good care of our reef while we were    More >>
   Fishing Trip! - Photos Included
Well we packed up and went to the High Sierras for some late summer fishing, hiking, and photography for the last week. Armed    More >>
   Maintenance Water Change - News Update!
Well I just wanted to note that I performed a 1 gallon water change last evening as basic maintenance on our little reef. In case    More >>
   New Friends Tank Photos
There are updated photos on the friends tanks section. Both Sharkdude's and Calagero's photos have been updated with new photos    More >>
   New Photos Added!
Well all has been going well in our Nano Reef recently. The Xenia is growing like mad, our Mushrooms are beginning to propogate,    More >>
   Water Change - Paul's Tank Photos
Well I performed a 1 gallon water change as regular maintenance today on our little reef. Everything is growing just fine, and I    More >>
   New Tank in Friends Tanks Section
Well when I went to Irvine to pick up our newest frags, I met a local reefer named Anthony with a great looking 55gallon/10gallon    More >>
   Happy Birthday Liza! - Water Change
Well it's Liza's birthday today, so Happy Birthday to Liza! In order to follow our maintenance schedule, I performed a much    More >>
   New Frags!
I met Anthony last evening (a local reefer) and picked up two new frags from his 55 gallon reef system. He sold us a rock with    More >>
   New Goby Photos - Updated Paul's Reef Photos
Well I posted some new photos of our newest member, the Green Banded Goby. It has decided to come down off of the back wall and    More >>
   New Green Banded Goby - Water Change
Well, we went to the Local Fish Store today to get some salt water for water changes, and we ended up with more than we expected.    More >>
   Friends Tank Photos - Water Change - Powerhead
Well, today I got the time to post some new photos of Paul's new reef system that is in the process of being setup. He now has    More >>
   New Photos Added! (finally!)
Well after a what seems like a long hiatus in reef photography, I finally had an evening to sit down and look at our little reef.    More >>
   Water Change and general update!
Well I finally got the time to change the water in our little tank today... I have been neglecting our reef website since last    More >>
   Water Change - Caulerpa Removal
Performed a one gallon water change today as part of weekly basic Nano maintenance schedule. Vacuumed out sunbathing Planaria    More >>
   Water Change - Paul's Sump - New Photos
Well as the headline suggests, we performed a 1 gallon water change today as part of our weekly Nano Reef maintenance routine.    More >>
   New Frag!!!
Thats right, we got a new frag today from our new reefer friend Mike in Oceanside. Paul and I went to Oceanside to see Mike again    More >>
   Moving and Fragging Xenia - Water Change
Last night we decided to move the Xenia from the sand bottom of our little reef to more permanent spots up on the rock. We left    More >>
   New Photos Added - 100 Photos!
I just wanted to let readers know that I added 11 new photos to the Nano Photos section today. With this 11 photos, there are now    More >>
   New Stuff!
Well, Liza and I went to the LFS and made two great new purchases for our Nano Reef last evening. They had some nice looking new    More >>
   Liza's New Macro Lens
Well Liza got to go shopping at work yesterday, and purchased a new macro lens for her Canon EOS D-60. This macro gets much    More >>
   New Photos Added!
Check out the newest photos of our little reef taken today. Liza may be getting a macro lens for her camera soon through her job.    More >>
   Water Change and Xenia Splitting
Performed a routine 1 gallon water change with store bought premixed Reverse Osmosis Saltwater. Siphoned out a some planaria with    More >>
   New Green Star Polyps
Well it's been a few days since adding any new Nano News, but sure enough there has been some news to add.... I have just been    More >>
   Water Change
Performed a 1 gallon water change today. Calcium was high today (over 500ppm?) when I checked it with the Salifert test kit. I    More >>
   New Photos All Over!
Be sure to take a look at our new Nano specs. We have new livestock and a new updated tank photo! There are also many new photos    More >>
   Happy 4th of July / Water Change
Here, hold this sparkler in celebration of the 4th, while I tell you what happened in our reef just now. We performed a 1 gallon    More >>
   New Frags, New Wisdom, New Pictures!!
That's right.... New frags, new wisdom, and new pictures... all coming very soon. Today, Liza and I went over to a fellow local    More >>
   Baby Snails
I thought that I should make mention of the fact that we have been seeing baby snails on our Live Rock lately. These snails are    More >>
   No More Percula
Well, I decided that our Percula was too large of a fish for our Nano. I felt guilty not being able to feed it as much as I'd    More >>
   Maintenance - Water Change
Performed 1 gallon water change and cleaned the glass with a magnetic glass cleaner.    More >>
   Worm Photos Added!
This morning the worm had itself at the far end of its hole. Its hole has gotten progressively longer as time goes by, and it    More >>
   Calcium Level Is about Right
To see if it would help out in opening the Mushroom, we ran a carbon filter in the Whisper HOB filter last evening. So far there    More >>
   New Mushroom Seems Unhappy
Our new Mushroom Coral seems to be unhappy with where it has been located. It opens and closes and seems to be doing a clam    More >>
   New Mushroom and Water Change
Today, Liza and I went to the LFS to pick up some RO water for top off and water changes on our 44 gallon freshwater tank, and we    More >>
   New Friends Tanks Section
In order to emliminate any further confusion about that Koran Angelfish being kept in a 7 Gallon Nano :P I have decided to add a    More >>
    New Photos Added
I added some photos today of the hitchhiker snail and sponges that came on our Live Rock as well as new photos of our Percula    More >>
   New Percula and Koran Angel!
Well the mission to pickup our new Percula Clown and Paul's Koran Angel from Marine Depot went well. The traffic getting there    More >>
   Water change and Fish Day!
I did a one gallon water change today, getting the tank ready for the new True Percula Clown that will be going into the tank    More >>
   Shifty worm.......
Last night we both tried to get a picture of the imfamous worm at different times of the night! Unfortunately the darn thing    More >>
   Worm Spotting
Well this morning Liza spotted a large worm in the sand against the front glass. This thing is about 3" and is green with a    More >>
   Water Change
No huge event here. Just a 1 gallon water change. Everything is still alive!    More >>
   Snails and Our 1st Frag!
Well there is a noticeable algae buildup on the tank glass now, so I decided to buy a few Astrea Snails from the LFS.    More >>
   Thought it diedů
Well when I got home today I saw what I thought was a Hermit Crab carcass….. I immediately began counting shells. Finally    More >>
   Adding Hermit Crabs
Went to the LFS to day and purchased 4 Blue Legged Hermit Crabs. They are pretty cool, and really seem to be getting around. Here    More >>
   Tank is cycled already!
Wow! I have been watching the ammonia/nitrite levels with basic Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kits, and they show that the    More >>
   Installing the CPU Fan
Radio Shack had the mini CPU Fan (CAT NO 273-240) and AC/DC Converter I needed to begin the instalation of the fan. The fan was    More >>
   Adding Live Rock
My girlfriend "Liza" and I went to the LFS this evening and hand picked 8.5lbs of "Uncured" Fiji Live Rock. I    More >>
   Adding Live Sand
Well I went to the Local Fish Store (LFS) and purchased 8lbs of Fiji Live Sand from one of their tanks. I put down 2lbs of dry    More >>
   Heating problems come and gone
Well, the tank is running hot with the glass under the new retrofit light. The tank is running at around 84F which is too hot    More >>
   Setting heater and testing water flow
Well here they are….. The first pictures our new Nano Reef without the reef…. I am running the tank with freshwater    More >>
   Hang On Back Filter and Heater
I decided on a Whisper 10-15 w/lid for the HOB filter for our Nano. They have them at WalMart for $9.97, what a deal!    More >>
   Lighting has arrived!
Well, I received the Lighting Retrofit/Rio pump today from Premium Aquatics. The bulb unfortunately is broken. Premium Aquatics    More >>
   Final Decision on Lighting
I have decided to go with the CLS 32 Watt Smart Light Retrofit and I will order it from Premium Aquatics. I have read a lot of    More >>
   Painting the back of the tank
WalMart can be a really great store. I was looking for Krylon brand paint to paint our Bowfront, because it is safe on rubber    More >>
   Purchasing our tank!
I've decided on an AGA 7 gallon bowfront. These tanks are $59.99 at PetSmart in my area but can be purchased online for the same    More >>
   Stepping up from Freshwater Tanks
I have begun the planning our Nano-reef using mainly information that I have found online. There are many websites dedicated to    More >>