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   Installing the CPU Fan
Radio Shack had the mini CPU Fan (CAT NO 273-240) and AC/DC Converter I needed to begin the instalation of the fan. The fan was $9.95 and the Converter was in the $14-$15.00 range.

Hooking up a converter to the fan is REALLY easy. There are 2 wires on the fan. (One red One Black) The converter will have 2 chords coming from it, one that plugs into the wall for power and one that goes to the fan. Cut off the end of the one that goes to the fan to expose the 2 wires. Twist the corresponding wire from fan to converter and then use some shrink tubing to make the job permanent.

I used a Dremel tool to install the fan into the back of the lightstrip. The silicone in the photo is NOT needed, but overkill is my middle name.

Note that the fan in this picture is the 1st fan that I used and is a larger one than the Cat No that I provided earlier. This fan was soon replaced with the Cat No listed above.