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   New Bubble Tip Anenome!
Well in last weeks news entry, I mentioned that we had gotten another Anenome for our little Minibow. I had been gawking at a Bubble Tip Anenome that Anthony had on his website for a few weeks. I finally decided to give this guy a try in our Minibow since it was fairly small and very nice looking.

I have done some research on Bubble Tip Anenomes over the past year, and have found that they are lower light anenomes. They do however move like all anenomes and can become caught in a HOB Filter or Powerhead intake, especially in a small environment such as a Minibow. It is best to make sure your water quality is very good before attemtping to keep an aneneome.

After introduction to our Minibow, it did in fact move. It moved right to the back of the tank where it could not be seen from the front! BOO! Well today during our weekly waterchange, I removed the Anenome from the rock it had become so happy on over the last week, and moved it up to the front of the Rockwork. We will see how long it stays there.....Cross your fingers for us folks!

Here are a couple photos that show our new anenome....
You can see our newest addition in this photo.

This photo shows the 2 types of anenomes in our Minibow Nano Reef. A Tulip Anenome and a Bubble Tip Anenome.

Stay tuned for more photos.....

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