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   No More Gobies - Anenome Update - New Clown
Well I am sorry to say that the last of our 2 Green Banded Gobies has dissapeared. The first one to go was actually a couple months ago, and I believe it was due to the fact that it was being picked on by the larger fish. They just never seemed to really pair up, so I guess they must have been both Males or both Females.

The latest disappearance has much less of an obvious reason. Our Goby disappeared right after adding our Bubble Tip Anenome, so I am wondering if the BTA may have eaten it. It was a real bummer when I realized our last goby was gone for good. Boo.

The anenome is doing alright in it's spot that is still facing the back of the tank. I have been feeding it every few days or so, and it finally took food without spitting it out a couple days ago. We have been feeding the anenome fresh pieces of shrimp and scallops. I have also read that clams make good Anenome food so we may pick up a couple clams at the supermarket on day.

I was at the Local Fish Store the other day to see what they had in for their new shipment, and they had a GANG of small Clownfish. With the absence of fish in our tank, I decided to pick up a very healthy little tank raised Clownfish. It was labeled as a Percula, but it is quite possibly an Oscellaris. It should be much easier to tell as it gets older and its dorsal fin gets a little larger.

So far our new little Clownfish has been eating very well. We are feeding it Frozen Formula One, but I am going to get a pellet type food from a local reefer (Cameron). The new pellet type food will make regular feeding more convenient than defrosting frozen food all the time.

We are hoping that one day our new Clownfish will host in our Bubble Tip Anenome, but since it is a tank raised specimen, it may never do that. Time will tell. So far the Clown has not seemed to notice any of the many different hosting possibilities in our little Nano Reef.

Here are some photos of our new Clown. As always there are more photos to come.

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