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   New Photo Gallery!
Time flies whether you are having fun or not! Actually I have been having some fun with the band lately which is a good thing. We have had some of our music added to the show Viva La Bam! on MTV which is pretty cool. We are also getting geared up to shoot a video in a couple weeks followed by touring this summer. Thankfully Liza will be able to take care of the Nano Reef while I am out of town!

Well the reason I am adding this news isn't really to talk about the band but instead to share with you our new Photo Gallery that is here on the site. There are really three seperate Galleries to see. One is Sea Life, another is Desktop Wallpapers, and the last is Others which includes landscapes, nature scenes, and candid portraitures. These galleries will be in a constant state of flux as I add images, and will never really be finished. However, I have added quite a few images to begin with so they should keep your eyes busy for a little while at least.

To get to the gallery, you can choose Gallery from the navigaion on our homepage, but since you are here viewing this, I have provided links to the gallery so you don't have to goto the home page.

Click here to view the gallery!

I hope that you enjoy the new Photo Gallery here on the site. Please feel free to contact me to let me know what you think or of you would like any prints of the photos in the gallery.

In other news, I am seriously considering getting rid of our Rose BTA due to size issues. This aneneome has grown in a VERY BIG way since we received it. I keep hoping that it will split so I can give away the larger anenome and keep the smaller clone. This doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon however so I am not sure what to do yet. I will try to get some photos shortly to share the monster Anenome with you all.

Till next time, Happy reefing.

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