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Photo Added - 9/1/2002
Tank Owner: Anthony
Nickname: anthony812
Irvine CA
Contact : Send Email

Photo Title:
Silver Zoos

Photo Description:
Here is a close up of Anthony's Silver Zooanthids.
Camera Details: Nikon Coolpix 995
Tank Specs as of 9/1/2002:
System: 55 gallon AGA, 10 gallon refugium with overflow

Lighting: Hamilton 2 x 250W Metal Halide, 12,000K Sunburst Bulbs plus 2 x 40W NO Actinic 03.

Filtration: 100 lbs of Marshall Island, Fiji, Tonga LR, 40 lbs of Aragon LS in main tank, 25lbs of LS in refugium Fluval 404 for spread bar, water movement only, no media, 2 Aquaclear 802 Powerheads, 2 Rio 600 Powerheads, CPR BacPak II Skimmer

Soft Corals: Xenia Elongata, Xenia Red Sea, Xenia Blue tint, Teal/Pink Pipe Organ coral, Metalic Green Star Polyp, Asst. Zooenthads, Yellow Polyps, Green Button Polyps, Green Toadstool Leather, White tip Toadstool leather, Green Yuma Ricordia, Orange Yuma Ricordia,, Mushrooms: blue/green stripe/red/fuzzy, frilly green, bulls-eye, White Colt Coral, Brown Colt Coral, Green Finger Leather

LPS: Red/Green Brain coral, Green Torch coral, Neon Green Frog Spawn coral, Pink Scolly/Meat Coral, Neon Alvopora coral (branching flower pot)

SPS: Green Hydphora sp., Green Hairy Table Acropora sp., Pink Table Acropora sp., Tri Tone Staghorn sp., Green Montipora cap., Orange Montipora cap.

Clam: Squomosa clam

Worm/Fish/Inverts: Pink Coco Worm, 10 Baja Snails, 3 Turbo Snails, 20 Hawaii Zebra Hermit, 4 Marshall Island, Electric Blue Hermit, 5 Blue Leg Hermit, 1 Sand Shifting Star, 5 Red Serpent Star, 5 Emerald Crab, 4 Acro Crab, Baby Blond Naso Tang, 3 Sargent Chromis, baby flame angel, Bangaii cardinal, 3 Baby Bar Jacks, LAwnmower Blenny, Golden Blenny, Sixline wrasse, baby Gold stripe Maroon Clown