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Photo Added - 9/20/2002
Tank Owner: Chris
Nickname: Sharkdude
Costa Mesa, CA
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Photo Title:

Photo Description:
Great looking purple Zooanthids in Sharkdude's main tank.
Camera Details: Sony Mavica MVC CD-300
Tank Specs as of 9/20/2002:
120 gal glass main tank, 2-3 inch Southdown sand bed
15 gal acrylic cutting tank, 2-3 inch mixed sand and rubble
45 gal acrylic refugium 1/2 full, 3-4 inch Southdown sand bed
30 gal acrylic sump 1/2 full, bare with container baffles

Lighting on main tank: 250 w Iwasaki 6500k diy ballast, 175 w Ushio 10000K electronic ballast, 4 x 96w uri vho on Icecap 660, mix actinic and 10000K, on 5 pm to 3am

Lighting on cutting tank: 2 x 55 w pfo pc, on 5 pm to 3 am

Lighting on refugium: LOA model 9266 diy 65 w 6500K, on 5 am to 4 pm

Little Giant 4mdqsc for main return, Rio 1700 for cutting tank and refugium supply, Rio 2500 on knock off downdraft skimmer in sump, Aquarium systems natural wave strip with 2 x 1200 maxi jets in main, Rio 90 in cutting tank, 5 gal auto top off reservoir with Kent float valve, alternate with straight ro and Kalkwasser, APC computer UPS backup power unit (runs main and cutting tank pumps, for about 1+ hour), PenPlax battery backup air pump on main and cutting tank, Stand and canopy custom built by Jeff Davison (SCMAS member), Durso standpipe in single overflow box, Catalina Instant Ocean, Premier 5 stage RO 10 gpd membrane.

Main Tank Livestock: Pacific Sailfin tang, Red Sea Purple tang, Dwarf Angel Rock Beauty, Scooter Blennie (dagonet), Fiji Damsel, Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish, 3 Blue/Green Chromis, Soft coral dominated, Leathers, Mushrooms, Polyps, Zooanthids, 2 LTA anenomes, Colt, Anthelia), but also Cup Coral, Fox Coral, Red Montipora, 2 Derasa Clams, Various Snails, Hermits, 2 Cucumbers, 150 lbs mixed Liverock.

Cutting Tank Livestock: Pair of Ocellaris Clowns and a small Bubble Tip Anenome, misc Red Sea and Elongata Xenia, misc soft coral cuttings, Peppermint Shrimp, Coral Banded Shrimp, various Caulerpa, various invert,and sand fauna, 10 lbs Liverock.

Refugium Livestock: Green Brittle Star, various Caulerpa, small Mangrove, various invert and sand fauna, 50 lbs mixed Liverock