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Great source for Nano Reef information. Great forum with many helpful members. Great site to browse and collect information when planning your Nano Reef project.
Minibow.com is a website that showcases websites that are dedicated to A.G.A. Minibow Nano Reefs. If you have a Minibow Nano Reef and a website that shows off your Minibow, submit your site to Minibow.com!
Reef Central Nano Forum
This is a fairly active forum where it is easy to find answers to questions and to get help if you run into problems along the way to reef bliss.
Christopher Marks 7.5 Gal Nano - Good friend and founder of Nano-Reef.com
Contempo Graphics 7 Gallon Bowfront - My 1st Nano Inspiration!
Mermaid123/JustVern's Homepage - Great folks with an assortment of beautiful tanks. Lots of coral information on this site as well!

Reef Aquarium Guide
Great reef forums and source for information.
Reef Central
Great reef forums and source for information.
The name says it all. Great online resource for learning.
Reefland.com Forum
Another great forum and place to find information.
The Reef Tank Forum
Yet another great forum with many helpful members and loads of great threads to read through.

Southern California Marine Aquarium Society (SCMAS)
Many active local reefers are involved with this club. Monthly scheduled meetings in Santa Ana, CA and regular frag swaps make this club a great organization. I have met a handful of the members of this club and they are very helpful and willing to share information.
Here is a link to the club forum.
San Diego Marine Aquarium Society (SDMAS)
This reef club is for Reef Aquarists in the San Diego County Area. Fairly active group. We even have a member of this club on the Minibow forum!
Here is a link to the club forum.
Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles County (MASLAC)
This is a very active club who is willing to share alot of information. Fairly regular frag swaps and monthly meetings are the norm here

Marine Depot
Reputable Aquarium Dry Goods and Livestock Online. Located in Aneheim by Edison Field. I shop here sometimes for dry goods. Great if you are local because you can pick up items at their will call office which saves on shipping costs.
Premium Aquatics
Reputable Aquarium Dry Goods and Livestock Online.

Aqua Designz
Anthony Yang is a local reefer here in Southern California (SCMAS Member) who sells frags online at AquaDesignz.com. He regularly offers nice Ricordeas and Zooanthids as well as bright healthy corals and fish as well. Please let Anthony know that you heard about AquaDesignz here!

The Logical Reef
Bryan at The Logical Reef runs a top notch mail order service and specializes in colorful morphs of Zooanthids. We have a few frags from Bryan in our Nano Reef. If you order from Bryan and found him here, please mention us!

Hire Me For Your Website!
Would like a nice looking easy to use website like this one, or even something more involved? Would you like to be able to update your website quickly and securely from anywhere in the world without need for any HTML knowledge? If so, please contact me! I am affordable and available for your project. Contact me here or please visit my company website, OC Creative to view further examples of my work.
Official El Centro Website
What the heck is all of this El Centro stuff I see on this website? Well, El Centro is a band that I play bass and sing backup for. We have played all over the country on the Vans Warped Tour as well as other smaller tours. Check out our MP3's here if you wanna rock out! If you like the music please support us by picking up our latest release called "PROHIBIDO". Here is a link where you can get it online!
Finger Records
Finger Records is an independent record label that El Centro works with.
Photos of my remote control planes.
Academy of Model Aeronautics, the world's largest sport aviation organization. Find a flying site near you!
Great source for used equipment of all kinds.